Inventory recording with 3D laser scan


In order to ensure even better quality and (planning) security in the field of building and plant construction technology as well as in the planning of municipal and infrastructure systems, we offer our customers and project partners recording via 3D laser scans:


At the beginning of each project, it is essential to be as informed as possible about the spatial and technical conditions. To ensure efficient and targeted planning. Steel and pipeline planning, other trades and additional energy systems can be integrated and documented in the point cloud of the 3D scan. In addition to detecting interfering edges and possible collision analyses, the use of the 3D laser scan offers other advantages:


  • Short idle times of the existing system
  • Low costs for an exact inventory
  • Error-free actual recording
  • Planning basis for structural and technical modifications/changes


Energy industry in transition 


Due to the economic growth that began after the start of industrialization and that has become more intense every year since, natural climate change has accelerated as a result of anthropogenic (= human-caused) influences. Global warming has occurred that is irreversible and cannot be stopped but only mitigated.


CO2, methane and other greenhouse gases are accumulating in our atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels, factory farming and the simultaneous clearing of large forest areas. After years of ignorance, the path to sustainable energy and economy is now being promoted with political measures. At the international level of the UN and the EU, at the national level or at the basic municipal level, measures against anthropogenic climate change are inevitable and must be implemented comprehensively.


The massive contribution of the industry and energy sectors to climate change cannot be denied. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN, the European “Green Deal” and renewable energy expansion or CO2 reduction laws are forcing industrial and energy companies to act. It is important to promote sustainable and future-oriented power generation and production methods to successfully survive/stand the test of the upcoming energy transition.


In addition to the switch from fossil fuel to renewable power generation and the integration of energy and resource optimization measures, ICB can also support you with the engineering of flue gas purification applications and the implementation of waste heat recovery solutions.


Take advantage of our expertise in the following areas:


  • Large heat pump integration
  • District heating/cooling systems
  • Sewage sludge application
  • Biomass & biogas
  • Geo & solar thermal heating
  • CHP
  • Photovoltaics
  • H2
  • Wind power
  • Tidal energy


CO2 phaseout with ICB


Thanks to the many years of experience our engineers have gained in the industrial and energy sectors, we can offer you individual and efficient measures in all project stages. Our core competences are in technical planning and consulting.


Sustainable power generation methods are important, yet previously established methods may not be disregarded since they currently provide the majority of energy supplied in Europe and are essential to ensuring a stable power supply during the energy transition.


ICB supports your CO2 phaseout with the following services:


  • planning and project conception
  • Acquisition, evaluation and expansion of existing energy systems
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Electicity generation plants
  • Infrastructure networks


as well as:


Sustainable energy generation


The industry of climate-friendly power generation has a long history that is characterized by flexibility. Energy-efficient systems and the use of renewable energy sources are current topics that will continue to remain important. The energy supply of the future will be composed of many different primary energy sources that must work well together. ICB supports you with power generation and the interaction of individual energy sources from concept study through commissioning.


ICB is here to answer all your questions on the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and on scheduling and consulting for power plants that are already operational or in planning.

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