ICB – Optimization measures


In times of energy transition and climate change, it is essential not only to enact measures to reduce CO2 but also to optimize energy demand and protect resources in construction and project planning.

In the construction of new plants as well as in plants currently in operation, we optimize your processes according to as-built recordings and then planning and consulting activities. We work in close coordination with you to prepare the plants for future upgrades, restructuring and efficiency measures.

Our consultations on optimization measures include:


  • Recording and evaluation of current enegy systems and ••••state
  • Operating parameters and efficiency of existing systems
  • Review and assessment of the existing documentation
  • Presentation of future needs in regard to:
    • Growth
    • Process changes
    • political guidelines


Classic development concept: (timeline)

Stage 1:(immedietly)Extension and conversion with greatest benefit (economic and technical) for safe operation


Stage 2:(3-5 years) Assessment of the system in regard to higher energy requirements, growth, site expansion and CO2 savings


Stage 3:(6 years +) Adaptation and conversion of systems with a view on further energy and resource saving

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