Energy industry

European power supply companies are the backbone of social and economic development. In Austria this development has been largely based on hydropower and thermal power generation. In addition to new sustainable energy sources, facilities such as steam power plants, combined cycle power plants and thermal power plants should not be disregarded because they are essential to a stable power supply. It should also be mentioned here that there are usually many ways to increase the efficiency of as-built plants.


The share of sustainable power generation is steadily increasing and should proceed even more rapidly according to political requirements in the EU. Innovative solutions such as heat pump systems, solar storage systems, photovoltaic systems and new construction and upgrading of district heating and cooling systems are an important element in supplying energy to cities or communities and will become even more central to the power supply in the future.


We support energy suppliers in their as-built plants from power stations through network infrastructure to the end customer. This includes maintenance of as-built plants, construction of upgraded plants and implementation/integration of new systems.


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