The food processing industry is constantly changing, which is due to the growing focus on food safety and the increasing demand for higher quality and sustainability.


Future challenges for the industry are reducing the primary energy consumption while steadily increasing growth as well as the optimization of production and energy processes. Further operational requirements are user and operator friendliness as well as holistic maintenance and repair systems. All of the above are taken into account in our project development and implementation.


We support our customers – you – in the realization of these complex tasks – from preparation of the studies to project planning and documentation.


Our experience can be seen in the following tasks:


  •  Ways to phase out CO2>
  •  Recording and evaluation of existing systems
  •  Energy generation systems (heating & cooling)
  •  Energy centers for the supply of process energy / media
  •  Storage facilities
  •  Heat recovery systems
  •  Power distribution systems
  •  Infrastructure facilities
  •  Process and procedure optimization
  •  Systems for the purification, generation and storage of ••••process water
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