Oil, gas and petrochemical industry

Through promotion, storage and processing of mineral oil and ongoing development of innovative and low impact products, the mineral oil industry guarantees the security of the energy supply in Austria and is a reliable partner on the European market. The industry is aware of its responsibility and wants to support the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change as well as the EU climate targets.


Buzzwords like sustainability and climate change are already a great challenge in this economic sector and will remain so in the future. The decades-long success story of the carbon-based energy economy is experiencing great upheaval in the name of a sustainable and livable world. Investment in research and development of fuels and sustainable energy should secure the energy supply of the future.


ICB can provide you with reliable support with:


  • Power generation plants
  • Power distribution facilities
  • Infrastructure systems
  • Transportation and storage systems
  • High-pressure and medium-pressure supply networks
  • H2 plants
  • Greening the gas
  • BEST
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