Structural engineering:


Consistent planning is the cornerstone of every project—independent of its size. Thanks to their extensive training, master builders are able to do all the planning required for a project and to create an architectural design.


More and more clients benefit from the planning know-how of master builders so they receive good advice from the very start. The master builder is responsible for the specifics and the implementation of the project and is the only person on site who can coordinate all the details. Why shouldn’t you benefit from this advantage?


Our services include preparation of the preliminary draft and planning and creation of a submission plan to present to the building authority for approval. In addition, we also create plans for the site foreman that serve as instructions for the construction company as well as detailed plans of structurally challenging spots for the respective specialists.


During planning in particular, it is important to know about on-site opportunities and the potential of the materials available on the market. That is why it is wise to hire an experienced professional who understands how to combine creativity and experience in theory and practice along with the master builder.

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