ICB uses internationally approved calculation software to calculate the strength of pressure-bearing components according to technical regulations as well as computational verifications required by the respective type of project.


Here is some key information about the software:


  • Recalculation, design and optimization of these components are possible.
  • The legal standards for dimensions, wall thickness, tolerances, etc., are automatically and extensively applied.
  • The calculation solutions are based on materials data in line with current German and European standards (e.g., FEZEN materials database) and other international standards (e.g., ASME code). If necessary, specific material parameters can also be defined.
  • The safety parameters of a selected standard are automatically applied. Here too a specific adaptation of input is possible.
  • The results of all calculations are available in German or English.


The following verifications are often required:


  • Network calculations in district heating, steam, gas and water piping systems
  • Heat loss and insulation thickness calculations
  • Pressure loss calculations


The calculation software is constantly being adapted in response to technical developments—changes in legal regulations as well as technical and market innovations.

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