Steelwork construction and statics


ICB takes over the static design of steel structures and constructions (e.g., stages, catwalks, platforms, bridges, bearing supports) according to current regulations, for example Eurocode.


The task is to verify adequate structural safety under defined load scenarios (e.g., static and dynamic mechanical loads, environmental stress, earthquakes, combined stresses) and the optimal design from an economic perspective (e.g., weight, setup costs, operating costs, service life, possible upgrades).


The scope of static design (e.g., profiles, structural system, node type) is agreed upon with the customer in relation to the project. Verification is provided by a calculation report that may be reviewed if desired, i.e. prepared for review and approval by a third party.

In addition, we implement the design of steel structures for you according to EN 1090-2:


  • Material and parts lists
  • Individual component drawings including NC or DXF files
  • Assembly drawings
  • Installation drawings


We use standard software systems for implementation.

The result is a complete steel construction design as the basis for tenders, orders, manufacturing and setup.

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