As-built recording – 3D Scan


The life cycle of industrial plants is generally designed to last several decades. As-built plans of plants and factory buildings are often out of date, no longer match the current conditions or are simply no longer available.


The recording of pipe routing on site by our experienced employees as well as measurement with 3D laser scanning ensures a rapid and precise survey that is indispensable for upcoming adaptations. Furthermore, all other existing documents are reviewed and evaluated to obtain additional information for the as-built assessment.


In addition, this procedure offers great advantages in efficiency and planning security for documenting parts of plants that are difficult to access.


The most common applications are:


  • Edge detection
  • Collision analysis
  • As-built documentation
  • Planning of structural changes
  • Replanning of technical modifications


The advantages of these methods for plant manufacturers and operators are obvious:


  • Short plant downtime
  • Implementation during operation
  • Digital processing
  • Reliable foundation for documentation and planning

3D Laserscans and clouds of points:

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