Concept / feasibility studies


Concept and feasibility studies

Concept and feasibility studies deliver comprehensive statements on issues related to power supply, distribution and generation and provide the basis for evaluation and decision-making.


  • Assessment of new plants
  • Integration and upgrading of manufacturing plants
  • Enhancement and modification of processes
  • Conversion of primary energy plants to future-oriented energy supply plants in ••••response to CO2 phaseout
  • Problem solving for new and upgraded plants


The following may be part of a concept study:


  • Location analysis and needs analysis
  • Building concept
  • Planning and design
  • Coordination with approving authorities
  • Budgeting of investment costs
  • Report and documentation of the results


Due to the political and economic framework, power and processing plants must be reconsidered over a longer term cycle. Conversion to other fuels or the use of other technologies, for example combined heat and power, may be appropriate. In addition to heat supply, we also investigate other energy carriers, for example compressed air, cold air or ventilation technology. We focus on low CO2 and CO2-neutral energy sources and their efficient use.


In combination with a feasibility study or an energy concept, we investigate the profitability of different types of plants by drawing on our professional project experience.

Potential plant upgrades, modifications and improvements are documented, demonstrated and evaluated in the course of a study.


The feasibility study allows


  • Checking of the feasibility of the task
  • Definition of possible underlying conditions (or KO criteria)
  • Potential solutions
  • Creation of documentation of the analysis

ICB – Concept study:

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