Pipe Stress Calculation



ICB supports planning of the pipe routing and establishes all necessary plans, calculations and documents required for the realization – always under consideration of applicable standards and regulations.


  • EN13480
  • ASME B31.1 respectively B31.3


Supported through globally recognized and acknowledged calculation software we ensure that all relevant factors and influences are considered consequently and in accordance with relevant directives.


  • Internal pressure
  • Static and dynamic loads
  • Load cases
  • Routing


The documentation is issued according project specific requirements and customer’s requirements.


  • Categorization according EG-guideline 2014/68/EU (Druckgeräterichtlinie)
  • Documentation for authority pre-approval
  • Bearing concept and bearing loads
  • Isometrics
  • Pipe class definition
  • Material list and BOM
  • Pressure loss
  • Support constructions
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