Softwaresupported Calculations and Simulations


ICB uses globally acknowledged calculation software for stress calculations of pressure boundary parts according technical rules and regulations and delivers the required calculation report based on the subjective project type.

Major facts about the software tools in use:


  • Not only calculation of defined parts, but also designing and optimization of parts is possible.
  • Standards and technical requirements linked to the applicable regulations such as dimensions, wall thickness, tolerances etc. will be considered automatically and comprehensively.
  • The calculation results are based on the up-to-date material standards of officially released German and European Standards (e.g. FEZEN-Material Data Base) and foreign standards (e.g. ASME-Code). If necessary, custom material parameters can be defined.
  • The required safety factors are generated automatically based on the applicable regulation. In this case there is also a customized configuration possible.
  • All calculation results can be accompanied by German or English speech comments.


Very often in addition needed verifications:


  • Netframe calculations in district heating, steam, gas and water piping systems.
  • Heat loss and insulation thickness calculation
  • Pressure loss calculation


The calculation software undergoes a continuous accommodation to the technical state-of-the-art – both in terms of changes in technical regulations as well as in terms of technical and market related innovations.

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