Pressure Vessels and Equipment



ICB can take care of stress calculations on pressure vessels and pressure loaded equipment parts according European and International standards.


  • EN13445
  • EN12516
  • EN12952
  • AD2000
  • ASME B16.34


Examples for pressure vessels are:


  • Industrial process compartments, devices and tanks.
  • Separators, collectors, strainers
  • Vessels under external overpressure
  • Storage tanks for gases (LG tanks, cryo-tanks for liquefied gases)
  • Heat transformers (condensers, plasticizers, heat exchangers)
  • Pressure accumulators


Piping systems are not considered as pressure vessel in principle and therefore the applicable technical rules are different to those of pressure vessels. Valve shells can be designed according the rules for piping as well as according the rules for pressure vessels – whatever is more appropriate to the subjective shell design – and can also be designed according other specific standards.


Since 2002 all pressure vessels with a MAWP of more than 0,5 bar need to undergo a conformity assessment according 2014/68/EU (Druckgeräterichtlinie)

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