This is the page for EPCs and operators!

The life cycle of industrial plants is usually several decades.

After some time the as-built plans of plants and workshops very often are outdated, they do not fit to the actual conditions or are simply not existing anymore.

The registration of line routings on site through our experienced personnel but also surveying by 3D laser scanning provides a time saving and precise as-built status which is a fundamental base for planned adaptions

In addition all already existing documentation can be reviewed and assessed to identify further important information for existing installations and equipment.

Furthermore the 3D scan method allows an economic and reliable planning process specifically for plant sections that are difficult to access.

Most common applications are:


  • Detection of interfering objects
  • Collision analysis
  • As-built documentation
  • Planning of structural changes
  • New planning of technical modifications


The advantages of this method for EPCs and plant owners are evident.


  • Short outage time of the plant
  • Project realization during plant operation
  • Digital processing
  • Reliable basis for documentation and planning
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