ICB English | Planning of a pumping station
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Planning Services for a Pump Station


  • 3D laser scan for accurate planning in the existing facility (considering the crane system)
  • 3D piping layout planning
  • Pipe stress analysis according to EN 13480
  • Determination of bearing positions and calculation of bearing parameters
  • Calculation of maximum forces and moments at connection and transfer points
  • Piping isometrics including a parts list following ICB standards
  • As-Built documentation and final documentation

For transitioning between 2D and 3D excerpts, move your mouse over the images:

Fabrication, assembly, and installation drawings.

Derived from the 3D models or created directly as 2D plans.

2D plans for the (final) documentation of individual project stages or the entire project.

3D planning integrated into a point cloud of the existing facility.

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