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“ICB – Engineering The Future”


ICB applies an integrated management system (IMS).


The ICB integrated management system encompasses quality assurance, environmental protection, work safety and health protection and defines all methods, processes and tools that are required to guarantee recognized standards.


According to the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” principle (PDCA cycle), our IMS is subject to a regular evaluation that guarantees defined standards and leads to constant improvement. The outcome of this ongoing process of improvement benefits not only us but also you as the customer as well as your employees and our environment.


  •  ISO 9001 

In accordance with the objective “Your success is our responsibility,” we are committed through this certification to maintain and constantly enhance the voluntary quality criteria.

We guarantee that we provide our services according to defined working processes, thereby ensuring that your commissions are implemented with the best quality, transparency and accountability.


  • ISO 14001

The environment belongs to everyone. Everyone is responsible for it remaining intact for future generations.

That is why we are committed to doing our part by implementing ISO 14001—whether through suitable measures for protecting energy resources and raw materials in all project phases or intelligent waste and environmental management.


  • ISO 45001 

We are committed to comprehensive occupational safety and health protection in our company.

The basis for defining working processes is provided by taking into account all potential risks to health and injuries—this applies to simple planning activities as well as complex managerial tasks in large international projects. We want all employees to work in a safe environment and be healthy when they return home to their families.

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