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Planning of process and energy facilities

In the field of process and energy facility planning, we provide support to our clients throughout the entire lifecycle of their facilities. Our services range from pre-engineering, planning, and consulting during the project development phase to future process expansions, enhancements in energy efficiency, and the transition to renewable energy sources.


Our expertise in energy planning allows us to offer tailored solutions that address specific client challenges and enable future-oriented practices, both in terms of reducing emissions and efficiently utilizing resources. Services in the realm of process and energy facility planning include


Engineering in existing facilities:


  • Creation of concept and feasibility studies based on specific customer requirements (decarbonization, heat pump integration, process expansions, etc.)
  • Existing asset survey and assessment using 3D laser scanning and review of existing documentation
  • Planning and project design of new supply systems
  • Optimization and expansion of various processes and the energy infrastructure of your facility.

Reference: Planning of a steam boiler plant


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