Slide Engineering The Future

Corporate philosophy


Following the motto “Engineering The Future“, ICB aims to implement projects in the energy and industrial sectors successfully, efficiently and in line with all requirements. We offer our customers a far-reaching spectrum of planning, calculation and consulting services, relying upon the expertise of exceptionally educated and experienced engineers. To ensure high-quality and successful project implementation, the set deadlines and budget must be met during project execution and have the highest priority.


In accordance with the previously mentioned objectives, we are committed to maintaining and constantly enhancing the quality criteria in line with our ISO 9001 certification. We guarantee that we provide our services according to defined working processes, thereby ensuring that your commissions are implemented with the best quality, transparency and accountability.


Due to the economic growth that began after the start of industrialization and that has become more intense every year since then, natural climate change has accelerated as a result of anthropogenic (= human-caused) influences. Thus everyone is responsible for preserving the environment for future generations. That is why we do our part to implement ISO 14001 and appropriate engineering for the energy transition—whether through suitable measures for protecting energy resources and raw materials, the planning of sustainable power plants or intelligent waste and environmental management.


ICB is a company that is run by its proprietor and thus economically independent; it always acts in the best interests of its customers.

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